Stockyard Institute is an ongoing civic, artistic, and social practice founded in 1995 by Jim Duignan in the Back of the Yards community of south Chicago. Duignan was influenced early by local activists, community artists, revolutionaries, artist collectives, and radical teachers that combined to shape a practice of long term relationship building in Chicago. The projects through radio stations, curriculum, objects, publications, residencies, diagrams, public art, and ideas are designed and built reciprocally alongside  poets, educators, artists, writers, activists, architects, teachers, performers, and the neighbors and agencies who live and work in the communities where the efforts provide a significant context and meaning. Currently, we are deep in the Back of the Yards developing widespread partnerships, studio and pedagogical works across the community, outdoor gardens and ecological systems and support to groups and spaces already in place and in cooperation with the College of Education at DePaul University.