Revoliutsiia! Demonstratsiia! Soviet Art Put to the Test (2018)

Art Institute of Chicago link

Stockyard Institute was invited inside the Art Institute of Chicago to activate the table for the Workers’ Club designed by Aleksander Rodchenko. The program was to share the revolutionary alliances with the exhibit as Rodchenko was a primary influence of Duignan and to bring people who over 30 years drew on the projects and intersections of the Stockyard Institute in Chicago. The early, formative history of the SI looked at revolutionaries and groups who sought to occupy spaces for imagining collective works, solidarity, and means of distribution, documents, curriculum, pedagogy, and local history.

The October Revolution of 1917 changed the course of world history; it also turned Russia into a showcase filled with models. Every object and sphere of activity had to demonstrate how society could be remade according to revolutionary principles. It would take intensive experimentation and discussion to determine the shape of this unprecedented society. To be realized in any concrete way, communism had to be modeled and put on display.

Soviet Art Put to the Test accordingly fills Regenstein Hall with ten model displays from the early Soviet era. Each of these sections, detailed below, holds rare works of art and features expert, life-size reconstructions of early Soviet display objects or spaces, commissioned especially for this exhibition.


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