Trans Action Issue #3 Self Education (2017)

Tuesday Open Forums on Self Education

Tuesday March 28 Forum #1 with guest speaker Marie Markman
Visual Artist, Landscape Architect mdl and Ph.D.
Kunstproduktion IVS Amargertorv 17, 3 sal 1160 KĂžbenhavn K – Denmark


Hyde Park Art Center

Hosted by Jim Duignan and friends

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Join Jim Duignan each Tuesday evening at the Hyde Park Art Center for an informal conversation on self education from 6:00-7:00pm. Self education are those ways of learning while we were young, studying other things, building to think, disciplining ourselves, and imagining outside the confines of school. This publication will document how our areas of expertise came forward and established a practice however it plays it part in our life.The evenings will include a charette from 7:00-8:00 to write, draw, record, gather, and develop ideas and material for the next issue of the Trans Action newspaper. Trans Action, Dialogues in Trans Disciplinary Practice, Issue #3 on Self Education, is a joint newspaper project between Chicago and Dublin, Ireland that exchanges civic and socially engaged ideas and histories between our cities, organized by Jim Duignan and Fiona Whelan.

The public is welcome.

If you have any questions please contact Jim at

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