Chicago Land School (2020)

The Chicago Land School is a project of the Stockyard Institute that focuses on all of our work outdoors in Chicago. These include small and large scale works that imagine successes through a collaborative, meaningful coordination with many individuals, small organizations, local agencies, artists and collectives, self-determined local groups of gardeners and growers, and especially, residents who live in that community. There is a desire to make neighborhoods safe, beautiful, and activated by building temporary projects or sustainable programs that explore solutions for the best use of lands and land issues in a community. We expect to align and connect underserved and underfunded groups and spaces with opportunities through our networks.


Current Projects

Public gardens and sculptural works, Alphonsus Academy Center for the Arts with Becky Manual, Director of Arts Integration for the school, 2019, 2020.

53rd St. and Halsted public gardens and public art with Lavie Raven and Shelly Hope, 2020.




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