Autonomous Territories of Chicago (2001)

October 14, 2001 at Hyde park Art Center / Del Prado building, Chicago & the Butcher Shop on April 27, 28, 29, 2001 at 1319 W. Lake Chicago.

The Autonomous Territories of Chicago (ATOC) was a project by Temporary Services. ┬áThe idea behind ATOC was simple, invite a number of different art, activist, and community groups doing exciting work around Chicago to come to a utopian carnival and fair and pretend they were Autonomous Territories, i.e., what would their practice look like if they were not under the heel of the city, state, or the constraints of capitalism. Unfortunately, right before all of this was to come together September 11th happened. The Stockyard Institute contributed posters “I dodge bullets and make little books about my existence” for the exhibit at HPAC and a live radiocast of the rooftop of 4741 S. Damen with area youth and Michael Piazza for the Butcher Shop weekend in April which was contained under the works of the Department of Space and Land Reclamation.

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